The Catechisis of the Good Shepherd Atrium Materials, Handcrafted by Ken Wood

Accepting Orders:

There is currently about a 5 month backlog of orders.

About Ken

Ken WoodKen Wood began working for the federal government immediately after high school, and spend 33 years as a cartographer with the National Imaging and Mapping Agency. He has always been interested in woodworking, and has a workshop attached to his Maryland home filled with modern and antique tools.

In 1989, Ken's wife Mary Ann was trained as a catechist in the Catechisis of the Good Shepherd and, along with several other friends from church, started an Atrium program. Ken outfitted the program with all the necessary materials, and soon word spread to other programs around the country of his materials.

Today, Ken is retired and enjoys crafting atrium materials in his spare time as a hobby. He doesn't maintain an inventory: every item is made to order, ensuring that catechists receive exactly what they need.